Barro System

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Kit Barro: fixing set for bars specific for each vehicle’s model. Made of high-resistant techno polymer, easy to be mounted and supplied with antitheft locking closing.


  • Carrying system made on purpose for commercial vehicles.
  • Available in two different kind of bars, in steel or in alu to respond to professionals’ needs.
  • Load 50 kg each bar
  • Barro Alu: the structure is made of anodized aluminium with reinforced section. The section has a sliding groove to let the optional be mounted in. Supplied with black PVC profile to support the transported load.




Loading roller for bars, the frame is made of steel, covered with shock-proof black PVC. It can be used in two positions (load/download and transport) for a complete comfort. It can be mounted on Barro and Alu Barro bars.



Load blocking accessories to transport bulky goods, the fastening system means that it can slide along the whole length of the bars, adapting to suit various dimensions. It can be mounted on steel bars with section 30×20 mm and steel and alu bars with sections 35×30 / 35×32 mm.



Pull-out ladder made of painted steel, in grey metalized colour, it can be folded, supplied with supports made of scratch resistant rubber.

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