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cod. art. 6501001
cod. art. 6501002
cod. art. 6501003
cod. art. 6501004
cod. art. 6501005
cod. art. 6501006
cod. art. 6501007
cod. art. 6501008
cod. art. 6501201
cod. art. 6501XXX
  • Aerodynamic bars made of aluminium with groove to mount optionals
    Cod. 6501001
    Cod. 6501002
    Cod. 6501003
    Cod. 6501004


  • Rectangular Steel Bars
    Cod. 6501005
    Cod. 6501006
    Cod. 6501007
    Cod. 6501008

    The feet are made of thermoplastic material
  • Antitheft
  • Maximum load: 50-75 kg.
  • Corresponding to rule DIN 75302

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