Arc-welded Alluminium

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cod. art. 6201800
cod. art. 6201801

A seconda del modello di veicolo sarà necessario utilizzare il dispositivo adapter in una delle seguenti posizioni

  • A seconda del modello di veicolo, il portabici può avere una limitazione nel carico massimo ammissibile a 30 kg


Con il modello Mazda 2 DJ il trasporto massimo è di 22Kg


  • Bici OK series : rear bike rack for the carriage of 2 or 3 bicycles, designed for cars with standard bonnet and tailgate as well as for cars with spoiler, glass rear window or plastic bumpers (see Application list on
  • Foldable when travelling empty
  • Lightness and strength of the product guaranteed thanks to the use of arc-welded aluminium
  • Fitting of bicycles using aluminium 360° rotating arms
  • With ”Viti Block” system for protecting the aluminium when tightening the screw
  • With 6 dual beam notched joints made of ABS for a perfect grip even on road bumps and unpaved roads
  • Equipped with 6 buckles and 6 straps with scratch resistant plasticized hooks (including Adapter)
  • With sturdy straps and buckles shimmed with scratch resistant rubber for fixing bike wheels
  • Supplied 320 mm fixing cable for 30-50 mm diameter
  • Rail length : 1250 mm, for wheels with a width up to 51 mm and wheel base up to 1150 mm
  • Not covering the license plate
  • Preassembled
  • Antitheft knob with keys available as an option
  • Bici OK 2/3: Corresponding to rule ISO/PAS 11154:2006 Paragraph 5.3.4 Directive EEC 79/4888

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